We Need Volunteers!

RBH is expanding and we have space for a whole roster of volunteers for this and forthcoming seasons:

Volunteers for the Farmer's Market

Come and help us some 2nd or 4th Saturday morning at the Pike Central Farmer's Market: help with wrenching instruction if you're already fully up to speed, help with leafletting and explaining our mission to our visitor's, or just hang out for a while and help create a 'buzz' around the stall.


A Fundraising Coordinator

Work with the Board and other volunteers to develop ideas for fundraising activities. The activities could be online, or in the form of special events.


A Social Media Coordinator

Handy with Twitter and Facebook? Show us how we can improve our outreach over these media.


RBH Official Photographer and Paparazzo

While we are busy working on bike evaluation, wrenching instruction and outreach we need plenty of snap snap to publish on Website, Twitter and Facebook to show the world what fun we are having.


A Volunteer Coordinator

Good at drawing up schedules and persuading people to fill gaps? When we have a good community of volunteers willing to help with Farmer's Market Saturdays, and other RBH events, we'll need a volunteer coordinator to organize cover for all events.