RBH and COVID-19 - An Update

What a difference a day makes in a pandemic! Given the recent increase in restrictions regarding restaurants and limits on gatherings as small as 50 people in Maryland and the recommendation from the White House that people avoid gatherings of 10 or more, the RBH Board has decided to suspend work sessions indefinitely to ensure that we are doing our part to encourage good social distancing practices. We will re-evaluate the situation in two to three weeks. We will also be consulting with the City regarding the feasibility of holding the bike giveaway on the scheduled date once we see how quickly things return to normal. As a reference, my USP colleagues in Shanghai are telling me that things are just now getting mostly back to normal, except, of course for the Wuhan area.

Some Board members have home workshops and will continue working on bikes during that time. If any volunteers would like to do the same, we can arrange to meet you at the storage bay so you can take a few bikes home to work on. Even if you only know how to use a rag, cleaning a few bikes will help – and it will keep your hands clean at the same time!

We will keep everyone updated if any other changes are made. In the meantime, be safe and stay healthy.

Steve Andruski