RBH and COVID-19

Rockville Bike Hub Supporters,
Over the past few weeks the United States has seen a rapid increase in the number of cases of COVID-19. Many of you have probably been affected in some way, either with school closures or expanded requirements for teleworking. We hope that you are taking all reasonable precautions, being smart about what kind of gatherings you attend and making appropriate preparations. We have been evaluating the situation and how it impacts RBH and our projects. As many of you know, we have just started work sessions to fix and clean around 80 bikes in preparation for the City of Rockville’s TERRIFIC program and the bike giveaway the third Sunday in May. So far, the City has not made any plans to postpone the giveaway, so we will continue with work sessions for now.
Because of the lack of indoor workspace we have used outdoor space during the months of March and April in front of the storage bay the City allows us to use to store the bikes. Given the fact that we are working outside and not in an enclosed space we think that with proper precautions we can minimize the risk to volunteers. First, we will ensure that workstands are set up with at least six feet of space between the work areas. We will also make sure each volunteer has their own workstand. Second, we will make sure each workstand has its own set of tools with the most commonly needed tools. Third, gloves will be available that we hope will be durable enough for the work needed (feel free to bring your own). Lastly, we will clean the tools at the end of every work session. We hope that this will minimize the risk; however, we understand if any individuals cut back on activities and gatherings, including volunteering for us. Everyone must do their own personal assessment of the risk to them and their family.
We are in communication with the Recreation and Parks Department at the City about the TERRIFIC program. Should the City decide to delay the giveaway, or make other changes, we will re-evaluate our policy and make changes to any scheduled work sessions as needed. Watch our Meetup page, Facebook page and website for any updates.
Thank you for your support of RBH. Stay healthy and stay safe!
Steve Andruski