October 2015 Newsletter

Well, fall is finally here. We’ve been at the Pike Central Farmers Market twice a month since early June and we keep getting busier each time. September was particularly busy. Saturday September 12th RBH successfully staffed tables at two locations. We were at the Rockville Farmers Market for the City’s Salute to Rockville Nonprofits, and then we were also at our usual spot at the Pike Central Farmers Market. Both locations had a good amount of traffic despite the rain and I’m glad that we could stretch ourselves as an organization to do this. We also provided mechanical support for the Carl Henn Memorial Ride organized by the Rockville Bike Advisory Committee (RBAC) on Saturday September 19th. It was a pleasant day and all of the riders had a good time. In between those two weekends, Connie Bertka and Steve Andruski helped out a local scout group, and spent several hours checking their bikes prior to a ride they had planned around Gettysburg. Then to wrap up the month, we had a busy day at the Farmers Market, September 26th.

The Pike Central Farmers Market runs through November, so we have two more months left there. Feel free to stop and say hi, stay and help out, or just ask questions. We now have a Meetup page (http://www.meetup.com/Rockville-Bike-Hub/) and the Farmers Market dates are there as well as on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheRockvilleBikeHub). If you’re on Meetup, join our Meetup group. This is an easy way to sign up and tell us that you’re going to be coming by. As we finalize clinics over the winter and other events in the future, they will be put on both the Facebook page and the Meetup page. Also note that on the Facebook page, there is a tab to get added to our mailing list. Obviously, if you’re getting this newsletter, you’re already on our mailing list, but if you know anyone else interested in the Rockville Bike Hub, point them to our Facebook page and they can get on the mailing list. We hope to have the same feature on our website soon, but there are some technical issues to be worked out.

Speaking of the RBH website, our new website is up and running. Unfortunately, due to pressures from everyone’s “real” jobs, the site is still a work in progress. However, I personally would like to thank Stephen Nightingale, Lynn Taylor and Joe Nicola for the work they have put into the site so far.

We are still hoping to have some kind of social gathering in the near future, but due to limited resources, plans have not been finalized. Again, if anyone wants to help with organizing this, let me know.

At our last board meeting we talked about ideas for projects over the winter, but more ideas are always welcome. We plan to set up some clinics focused on particular topics, such as brakes and drivetrains, so watch our website, Meetup page and Facebook page. Also next spring will be here before you know it, so planning for next year’s Tour de Cookie and the Rockville TERRIFIC program will start soon. Connie Bertka and Steve Andruski met with Andy Lett, Superintendent of Recreation and Parks for the City, to discuss the TERRIFIC program. So, stop by the Farmers Market, talk to us about how you can get more involved and bring us your ideas. Or just bring your bike and learn some of the simple maintenance that you can do yourself.

Steve Andruski

President of the Board

The Rockville Bike Hub