Connecting the Community on Two Wheels

There are two related meanings hidden in this tagline. The first is connecting the community – using bicycles (i.e., two wheels). To kick off the season we have two community-related projects that happen every May.

The first Saturday of May is Tour de Cookie, a charity bike ride supporting the Tree House. The Tree House is a group that helps children of abuse and neglect in Montgomery County. The ride is becoming a well-known early-season casual, family-oriented ride, and it’s a great cause. Steve Andruski started helping out at the inaugural ride in 2013 when the organizers had trouble finding a local shop that could provide a mechanic. Steve volunteered to bring his workstand and tools to help people with mechanical problems. This year, it was Rockville Bike Hub’s premier public event and we envision continuing our support of this great ride and great cause.

The other project is the City of Rockville’s TERRIFIC kids bike giveaway. During April, school children in grades 1-5 sign up and do a service project. After completing the project they are presented with a certificate by the Mayor and Council. Then on the third Sunday in May, they get to pick out a bike from those donated for this program. Rockville Bike Hub took over this program from Bikes for the World in 2015 and we hope the City continues its support.

In addition to those community projects, we hope to develop other programs as we grow to help contribute to the Rockville and Montgomery County community.

The other meaning in the tagline is connecting the bicycling community (i.e., the community on two wheels). Our hope is to become a resource for the cycling community. In addition to our primary focus on teaching people how to maintain and repair their bikes, once we have our own space, we hope that we can truly become a “hub” for the cycling community. From a place to begin rides for local cycling clubs to a place for League Certified Instructors to conduct classes we hope to connect the cycling community.