All Our Volunteers

Joe Nicolia

Joe has the position of 'First Volunteer' for RBH. He is a graphic designer, whose work can be seen at and in particular we owe him a good deal of respect and a certain amount of awe for the very impressive Logo he created for us, which you see at the top of this page.

Lynn Taylor

Lynn is our new Webmaster. She put together the Drupal driven site so the rest of us can just drop in content without worrying about html, formatting and suchlike. Lynn runs, a site dedicated to Drupal hosting and design.

The Board would also like to acknowledge the following volunteers who have helped at our events in some capacity:

2015 Tour de Cookie:

  • Paul Corcoran, Darrell Andruski

2015 TERRIFIC kids bike clean-up and giveaway:

  • Rukesh Korde, Seth Pollack, Lynn Losert, Beatrice Afrangui, Josh Afrangui,  John Telesco; David Merkin

2015 Pike Central Farmers Market:

  • Steve Ross, Neil Andruski, Joe Parsons, Vamsi Kodali, Walker Prindle, Seema Zoe Xara

2015 Salute to Rockville Nonprofits

  • John Telesco, Sophie Chan-Wood

2016 Winter Bike Maintenance Clinics

  • Pete Hinz