Call for Volunteers!

Interested in volunteering with RBH, but don’t know how? Obviously, it’s always great to have people with mechanical experience helping at events where people need something on their bikes fixed or adjusted, but that’s not the only place you can help us with our mission to connect the community. Here are some volunteer roles that would be really helpful:
• Volunteer Recruitment / Coordinator
• Event Coordinator / Special Projects
• Public Relations / Marketing / Social Media
• Graphic Design
• Accounting

Also, we could use a few more people on the Board. Aside from ad-hoc members, we could use the following Board officers:
• Secretary
• Vice President

In addition, we’ve got someone helping with our website, but we can always use some additional and someone with web design experience.

If you have any interest in any of these volunteer positions, let us know. We’re working on descriptions of these roles, but right now a self-motivated volunteer can have a hand in defining the role and helping to define the future direction of RBH.