Our Vision


Our Mission

The Rockville Bike Hub aims to enable members of the community to obtain, recycle and maintain bicycles, to repair and donate to the needy unused and unwanted bicycles, to educate community members about benefits of biking and to enhance the health of our community and environment by promoting bicycle transportation.

Our Goals

The goal of the Rockville Bike Hub is to establish a community bike shop in Rockville, MD to provide a place where cyclists of all kinds can go to learn how to fix and maintain their bikes, borrow space and tools to build or upgrade a bike, or just get advice and talk about bikes. The Rockville Bike Hub will serve members of the community who use a bicycle for transportation or recreation, but who may have limited disposable income to pay for repair or replacement of an existing bicycle. The Rockville Bike Hub will also focus on underserved groups in the bicycling community such as women and minorities, who may often feel that shops who cater to bicycling enthusiasts are indifferent to their bicycling interests or concerns. RBH will encourage all bicyclists in the community with an interest in, or need of, bicycle repair and maintenance to participate in its activities. In addition, the Rockville Bike Hub will provide enthusiasts with a place to share knowledge and experience with each other and with anyone else who wants to learn.